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Tarot Magic with James Jacob Pierri, The Auset Gypsy

Go beyond reading the tarot! Learn ways to use this mysterious & metaphysical device in the practices of Magic and Ritual. This presentation, provided by James Jacob Pierri, is filled with information on how to utilize the symbols of the tarot and the tarot cards themselves as talismans, meditative mandalas, and as extra magical tools, as well as how to combine them with candles, incense, crystals, and spells.  James will be teaching practical meditations to perform before, during, and after tarot readings to assist in heightening clearer intuition, and how  planetary powers hold effect on the tarot by exploring astrological powers/hours with a demonstration on how to construct an astrological clock based on Chaldean schema.

This presentation will answer What is Tarot, What is Magic, and What is Ritual?  James will demonstrate and teach Sun, Moon, Hands; Tarot connection held between both palms while shuffling; Tarot as temple and altar; Aces as occult tools; The Major Arcana as sacred images or icons; The Minor Arcana as the instructions, details, or actions of a spell, the Court Cards as specific people, and the deck containing all elements.

The participants will discover, or REdiscover, alternate ways of combining the mysteries of the tarot with personal magical practices. Participants will be given a fresh take on utilizing popular metaphysical applications and important tools used in magical practice.  

This class is offered on Thursday, November 11, 2021, 7.00 till 9.00pm.  Non-refundable tuition is $45.00 per person.  James's deck will be available for purchase during the class.  Please do not bring in decks purchased elsewhere for signing.

James Jacob Pierri has been an award-winning, professional Reader, Astrologer, and Tarot Rockstar since 1999. He started on the streets of Greenwich Village NYC than lead him into world-renown entertainment destinations and venues, but it was Universal Studios Orlando where he was handpicked as a “lucky few” to perform Tarot Readings at the opening of Mystics Of The Seven Veils Psychic venue inside Lost Continent, Islands Of Adventure. This opportunity launched James into the public eye.  After that, AusetGypsy was created and he was signed on by major entertainment agencies and traveled extensively, reading Tarot and fortune-telling at public and private events, including MTV Music Awards Show, NFL Super Bowl, and product launches for L’Oréal, Saks Fifth Ave., and Thierry Mugglar.  He toured metaphysical centers and shops, festivals, and events teaching classes on Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, diverse uses of magic, meditation, Isiacism, the modern devotion to the Goddess Isis.  In addition, James attended Cherry Hill Seminary and studied Neo-Paganism and Pagan Research, became a legally-ordained Priest in The Temple of Isis, and completed certification as a Yoga instructor. He graduated from The Florida College of Natural Health and Holistic Sciences where he studied aromatherapy, herbalism, anatomy and physiology, and Ayurvedic medicine.  Today AusetGypsy is its own leading brand in the metaphysical world which offers a wide range of  Auset Gypsy merchandise and spiritual products. The Auset Gypsy Tarot Deck, published by REDFeather Publishing, is distributed and available worldwide.  Please visit him at ausetgypsy.com.   

Pre-registration for all classes is mandatory.  Classes can be paid for with Pay Pal, cash, Money Order, check (with proper ID), credit, or debit card by calling the store at 973/838-6564.  Payment in-full is expected at time of registration.  Your credit/debit card will be charged at time of registration.  Please read complete guidelines here.

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