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Spell Consultation Service

Do you have a specific situation that you're not quite sure how to handle?  You're not sure if you should actually do a spell, and can't find anything in any of your books that covers your situation?

Take advantage of SoulJourney's Spell Consultation Service.  We'll prepare a spell geared toward your exact circumstances.  Whether you're an old hand at magick or just starting out, bring your problem in and we'll work on it.

Please call (973/838-6564) or stop by (409 Main St., Butler NJ) and make an appointment with Sandi.  Be prepared to explain the situation as well as provide as much astrological information that you might have on the people/person involved.  That includes date(s) of birth, and place and time of birth, if you have it.  Also, if you have any preferences as to what type of magick you might like to do (candle, herb, etc.), please specify your choice.  We'll also require a phone number and e-mail address in case there are any questions.

You will be given complete instructions for the spell that's been created for you.  This includes candles, herbs, incense, oils, astrological timing, and anything else that might be pertinent.  At no time will anyone at SoulJourney conduct the spell for you.  Magick is always stronger if you do it yourself.  SoulJourney also reserves the right to deny any requests for spells we deem unethical.  You will not be charged a consultation fee in that case.

The price for this service is $60/hour, which includes the initial consultation and your spell.  When you book your appointment, you will be asked (or e-mailed) some basic questions that will need to be answered.  At that time, you will be charged $30 (cash, check, money order), which is non-refundable.  Once you receive your spell, you will be charged the remainder of the fee.  If you must re-book your initial appointment, you will be allowed to do so two times before you forfeit the initial charge.

All materials suggested for use in your spell, as well as any custom-crafted incense, candle(s), charms, etc., will be available for purchase above and beyond the consultation fee.






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