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Tarot with Charms with author Gita Rash

Dive deep into your Tarot readings with the use of charms to gain a deeper meaning and add layers to your interpretations.  Each charm has its own symbology and can be interpreted in the manner in which they fall.  The fascinating spreads read in combination with the Tarot is a lot of fun.  Through symbology you can divine the mystical meanings of the Tarot with an added dimension.  The symbols represent archetypes that show up with synchronicity to guide you and act as a reminder that we need to observe the signs placed in our path.  Please bring a Tarot deck, a handful of charms, and an altar cloth to this class.

Presented on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, 7.00 till 8.00pm.  Non-refundable tuition is $30.00.  Please do not bring in the author's deck purchased in another location.  Ms. Rash's deck will be available at SoulJourney.

Gita Rash is a psychic medium utilizing her knowledge of Tarot, runes, numerology, palmistry, and Vedic astrology to guide people with questions on love, health, relationships, etc.  She has been deeply tuned to all things esoteric from an early age.  As the daughter of a proficient palmist, she has imbibed a deep knowledge and passion for the metaphysical realm.  Receiving chairaudient messages as a child, she truly loves helping others find peace, success, and personal happiness.  Applying her psychic intuition, diverse cultural influences, and modern-day living realities in all aspects of her work, Gita is able to offer a unique approach to self-empowerment.  She is a regular contributor to several magazines, in addition to being an actor and visual artist.  Her oracle deck, The Mahabharata Oracle (the first of its kind on the subject and offers a master lesson in life through spectacular images and a profound narration), published by Red Feather Publishing in 2020, was created through divine inspiration.  Her hobbies include golf and travel to destinations like South America and the Caribbean, where she teaches periodically.  She regularly holds workshops and webinars on various topics such as intuitive development, Tarot, and dream interpretation, and is a regular presenter at STAARCON, the Southern Tarot conference.  Please visit her at www.gitarash.com, www.gitaart.com, and on Instagram @gitarash.

Pre-registration for all classes is mandatory.  Classes can be paid for with Pay Pal, cash, Money Order, check (with proper ID), credit, or debit card by calling the store at 973/838-6564.  Payment in-full is expected at time of registration.  Your credit/debit card will be charged at time of registration.  Please read complete guidelines here.

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