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Information for Presenters, Speakers, and Readers

SoulJourney strives to offer only the best classes, workshops, lectures, and readers available.  In order to ensure the best fit for our customers, please take a moment to review the following material.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the store. 

Proposals and biographies must be submitted in writing via email (sandi@souljourney.com).  If you are emailing your information, please be sure to identify the subject matter in capital letters in the Subject line to differentiate your email from the vast amounts of spam we receive.  If you wish, you can mail your proposal to SoulJourney, 409 Main St., Butler NJ  07405

Please include the following:
-     A description of your class, workshop, or lecture;
     How your class differs from others teaching a similar subject.  Please be specific about what attendees will receive from your workshop or readings;
     Your background, training, qualifications, and any references where you may have taught before, including what makes you uniquely qualified to teach this course or class;
     Your complete contact information (name, phone, email, website);
     If you are an author, please include a review copy of your book and a press kit;
     How you plan to assist SoulJourney in marketing your presentation;
     What you plan to charge for the class and your compensation requirements (fee, hotel, meals, travel, etc.), as well as when you wish to offer your class.

It may take The Committee a couple of weeks or so to review your material.  You will be contacted when a decision has been made.  Readers will be asked to provide a sample reading for staff so we can see how your work fits into our store and for future advertising and recommendation purposes.

We understand that unforeseen events may force cancellation of an event.  If you must cancel within ten (10) days of the event you may be required to reimburse us for advertising or travel expenses.

SoulJourney will advertise your event through our printed class brochure and/or flyers, our e-newsletter, our website, and our extensive business network.  We will register and accept payment from students.  Please remember that all authors, readers, and lecturers are considered independent contractors and are responsible for their own tax liabilities.  You will receive a check for enrollments within one (1) week after your event, as well as any necessary tax-reporting forms at the end of the calendar year.

We encourage you to participate in your own advertising of the event.  If you need information for your website, email, newsletter list, and various social media platforms, please let us know and we’ll be happy to assist.

To ensure a successful event, please alert us of any specific or special needs in your proposal; i.e., audio/video equipment, table, chairs, etc.  At that time we will also need to know what items you will promote in your class so we can ensure proper stock (books, oils, stones, etc.).

Please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time so you can set up your space.

If you are offering readings and you go over the allotted time, please be sure and alert a staff person that you have discussed additional payment for the time with our customer.  Do not expect SoulJourney to automatically charge for additional time as we are not in the reading space with you and do not know what has transpired during the session.

Please be mindful of your time limits so that our customers can plan their day around your class.  If you will be going over the allotted time, please discuss your needs with a staff member.  There may be other classes scheduled after yours that you’re not aware of, and we may need to prepare the space for the next class.

For the most part, the agreed-upon minimum number of attendees is four (4).  If this is not acceptable, please make a note of it in your original proposal.  Store policy is that if a person informs us they are unable to make the class with at least 24 hours notice, they are entitled to a complete refund.  We will be in contact with you at least one week prior to your event to confirm the number of attendees.  Please be aware that that number may change before the actual class.

Book signings, product recommendations, and any additional discussions should be conducted after the lecture has ended. 

Thank you for your interest in presenting a workshop at SoulJourney.  We look forward to working with you!

Facility Information
-     One hour from New York City
     Three miles from Rte. 287
     Bus accessible
     Within walking distance to eating establishments
     Within easy drive-time to several major hotel chains

Store Information
-     Opened in June 1991 – New Jersey’s oldest, continually operating metaphysical store
     Website that is listed with major search engines
     All events are listed on Witchvox and social networking site calendars
-     All events are listed on SoulJourney's website
     All events are advertised via printed class brochure and flyers handed/mailed out to customers
     All events are continually listed in emailed newsletter
     Listings in calendar sections of northern NJ/NY/PA natural/metaphysical magazines, lead time permitting

Room Information

-     The dedicated classroom space is available for rental.  Please contact us for details and to discuss your event
-     We can easily accommodate groups of 40 or more in the store space, business hours permitting
-     We have a separate classroom space that easily seats 12, plus room for a table
     Write-On/Wipe-Off board and paper easel board with many different colored markers
-     DVD player and TV
-     Chairs and tables of various sizes


Additional Information
Hotel rates and meals negotiated for out-of-town speakers

Please contact Sandi by phone at 973/838-6564 or by email at sandi@souljourney.com for more information, with any questions, or to discuss your requirements.


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