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Antler Pendants

These pendants are all made of antler and are quite intricately carved and each is very unique  They are an off-white color with brownish highlights that accentuate the detailed work. They can be worn from a chain or a cord, or even hung from a rear-view visor or on a wall.  They would also make stunning altar pieces. Sizes and descriptions are listed below each picture.  $25.00 each.

The Celtic Wolf pendant measures just under 3" long X 1.5" wide (not including the bail).  The  highly-detailed wolf looks out at you from over a Celtic knot pattern.

This Dolphin Woman measures 2.5" long X 1.5" wide.  Her very serene face is surrounded by two dolphins (top and bottom right) and coral.  Perfect for that water element person!

The Dragonfly Woman is 2.5" long X 1.25" wide.  A dragonfly rests on her hair and a moon surrounds her head.

The Fairy Mask pendant measures 2.75" long X 1.5" wide.  The woman's face looks off to the right and a fairy is leaning reclining over her.  Very detailed piece!

This Green Man measures just under 3" long X almost 1.5" wide.  The leaves above his face are arranged in a stylized fleur de lis pattern.

The Green Man pendant measures just under 3" long X just under 1.5" wide (not including the bail).

This Witch has a five-pointed solid star at the top of her head with a pentagram entangled in her hair at the bottom of the pendant.  She measures 2.5" long X 1.5" wide.

This highly detailed Wolf measures 2.5" long X 1.25" wide.  Lots of fur detailing!


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