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Luann  has been a practicing Tarot reader for twenty years.  She has a sensitivity to what others are feeling emotionally and sometimes physically.  She also has the ability to feel the emotions not only of the person she's reading, but also the loved ones around them, which then allows her better insight when offering guidance.

Luann became aware of her abilities at a very young age, it being fostered by some family members who were also intuitive.  Her mother was able to see Spirit; if something fell by itself in her house (for example), it was never dismissed.  Her family always commented, "Oh, someone is here!"  Discussion of the paranormal was just normal.

"Reading the Tarot is a sacred practice which I take very seriously and have a great respect for.  It has brought clarity to my own life and that is what I hope to impart to those that visit me.  I do not force others into my belief system, but I do try to help each person try to see their issues with a different perspective while answering their questions.  I firmly believe in signs and because of all the various ways they can come to you, you must be open because the Universe will always answer you.  Years ago, I studied with a medium who gave me some wonderful advice: 'You may only get it (information) once, so just say what you see and say what you hear.  It doesn't have to make sense to you - it will to them - so just say it.'"

"My favorite quote: 'Some things are just true whether you believe them or not.'"

Luann is available for readings on an appointment basis and on some Saturdays from 12-3pm.  Please contact the store for her schedule or check out the calendar
here.  She offers half-hour readings for $50.00.  She is also available for private parties and for phone readings.

Phone Readings are 30 minutes for $50.  They will be conducted on Saturdays from 12-3pm (Eastern Time).  You will receive an emailed confirmation of your payment, at which time you will be provided an appointment on the next available Saturday.  If you have time constraints, please indicate them when you provide your payment information to Paypal using the button below.  Please also provide a phone number where you can be reached .  If you wish to record the reading, you are free to do so.  SoulJourney and Luann will not record the reading for you.  If you cannot be available for the initial appointment, we will reschedule for you once.  Sorry, but we do not conduct phone readings for customers not located in the United States.  All reading sales are final and not subject to refunds, and cannot be combined with any other offers or coupons.  SoulJourney and Luann are not responsible for any errors in phone numbers that prevent you from receiving your reading.  Please inquire for any other restrictions.

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Please be advised that psychic readings cannot predict, forecast, diagnose, or provide information with any guarantee of absolute certainty and are offered for entertainment purposes only.   Refunds are not offered.  SoulJourney and our individual readers are not held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during a reading, at any point in time during the past, present, or future.  For medical concerns, please consult a physician.  For legal concerns, please consult an attorney or proper law enforcement officials.


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