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Witches' Balls
Each Witch Ball is individually hand made in a US factory.  I hand-pick each one you see in the store. 
Because of the individual nature of these glass balls, please call the store (973/838-6564) to discuss your choices,
but remember to allow for variations in size and color. 
I cannot guarantee that the ones you see in the picture will be available when you call,
but I'll do my best to accommodate your desires.

The tapestry of colors in each of these handcrafted works of art is unique to each ornament. 
They can be hung in windows, or used in any imaginative way when decorating.
Witch's Balls are excellent gifts for weddings, showers, and anniversaries. 
They also make wonderful gifts to welcome that new baby.
You just know that no one else will give such an exceptional gift!

3" diameter (approximate)  $35.00
Each ball comes complete with a legend tag.


Legend of the Witch Ball
Dating back to the 18th Century, hollow glass balls have been hung to ward of witch's spells and evil spirits.  Legend has it that the evil spirit is attracted to these colorful balls, pulled inside,
and trapped within the glass web protecting the home from harm.  It is told on Cape Cod, MA that fishermen have used these mesmerizing balls in their nets to ward off evil spirits on the high seas.

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